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Welcome to the next evolution in Digital Creasing Techology. With its low cost and Automatic crease design, everyone can now afford to offer digital creasing on digitally printed materials.

Introducing The icrease and icrease pro.

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Precise creasing and folding
without cracking, marks or scratches!

The market is migrating from offset to digital. This transition often presents new challenges to the digital printer. Traditional folding and creasing machines were not designed for digitally printed media and results in cracking at the crease, marks and scratches.

We recommend that you do not use a scoring system for digital media, it will tear up the toner layer and damage the paper. The proper way to crease digital media is to use a platen-type, blade and anvil creasing method, which, unlike scoring, causes no damage to the paper substrate and produces a sharper crease without toner cracking.

Be aware that many creasing and folding systems do not accurately register the paper. If the crease or fold is off by less than 1mm, the job may be ruined. Make sure that the machine has a fixed alignment guide. Adjustable alignment guides that need to be moved or have bolts on both ends are easily misaligned. These systems are easy to spot, they often have two ruler guides.

Count sets the standard in digital print finishing with a full product line of creasers and numbering machines, from manual to electric to automatic. Count's new “iCrease” utilizes a rotary actuated compression crease for the perfect crease everytime without digital toner cracking.

If the quality of your output is important, rely on Count for the best finishing results!


When investing your money into a creasing machine you need to think about what functions does the machien have compared to the cost of the machine. When buying a Count Creasing Machine you can Count on the purchase being worth every penny. Digital Cresaing Solutions By Count Numbering Machine, Inc.

Digital Creasing Machine Features:

    Compare each digital creasing machine and see what the defferences are in each digital creasing machine.

    Digital Creasing
    Crease Master
    Cracking Digital Stock
    Digital Cracking
    Creasemaster manual
    Creasemaster Pro
    Creasemaster PLUS
    AutoCreaser 33
    AutoCreaser 50
    ElectroCreaser 36 52
    Morgana Creaser
    Graphic Whizard Creaser
    Count Creaser

    Then come back to Count as we have the best Made in USA creasing solution.